"When the conscious mind is aware,
the possibilities are there.

Eileen Chieng

Top 1% Mindset & Success Coach in Asia

What do Eileen's students say about her?

Gordonn, 43 Years Old,

Estate Agent

Shee Hwa, 33 Years Old,

Client Servicing Executive

Jeremy, 31 Years Old,


Nat, 46 Years Old,

Talent Acquisition, Mother of 1

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"I've been wanting to seek another breakthrough.

I was stuck at being comfortable for too long.

Through Eileen's coaching, I know why I have self-sabotage patterns. I've also learnt how to overcome these patterns. Now, I'm consistently achieving a
5-digit commission every month."

John Tan, 31 Years Old

Associate Group Director

"This coaching program was life-changing.
I've become more fearless.
​Prior to being coached by Eileen, I knew I wasn't getting the results that I could. I now know how to tap into my potential and am able to transform all the wonderful ideas I have into reality. Even in the moments of temporary setbacks, I'm able to keep my eyes on my goals."

Malik, 34 Years Old

Aerospace Engineer

"I always have great interest in Universe Laws and Eileen showed me a structured way to learn about the Laws.


I’ve always preferred to stay in my comfort circle with minimal social interaction. And being a logical person makes me procrastinate as I think or care too much about people's opinions or life situations.


After being on the program, I see every human as a connection that this universe has brought to me. I make an effort to understand them and it no longer feels like a chore. Being on a mastermind with fellow members from the same program helps me to mastermind on challenges I have - to see things in a certain way that brings me closer to my C-type goals!


This program has helped me to re-focus when I'm losing track, learnt to put theory into action, and create a habit in my mental state to use Thinking Into Results teachings; and when with a community of like-minded enthusiastic people, you can't help but be enthusiastic! "

Belle Ong, 34 Years Old

Project Manager, Financial Industry

" I was very comfortable with where I was, especially when my work allowed me to travel all over the world.
​I'm good at my work but multi-tasking was taking a toll on my productivity. And I didn't know what I really wanted... 

From the program, I've learnt to discover what I really want and learn to manifest my C-type goals.


I used to be stubborn and subjective.
Now I will pause to think and view situations from different perspectives.  Letting go of my "beliefs" that don't make sense, exploring new ways of doing things, and finding the root cause to effectively address the issue.


Hence becoming more productive. "

Zi Ning, 32 Years Old

AVP of Internal Audit, Aviation Industry

How does it all work?

Thinking Into Results is a dedicated program designed to systematically show
YOU how to achieve quantum leap in ANY area of your life.


With over 57 years of research of what really makes successful people successful.

Developed by Bob Proctor, World's No.1 Authority on Human Potential & Success
and Sandy Gallagher, legendary corporate attorney.


This is by far one of the most powerful systems designed to help
YOU quickly and permanently transforming
ANY of your goals, dreams, or desires into reality.

You will have:

Lifetime Access to a Virtual Campus
containing 12 videos and MP3 lessons with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher & a 200-page digital participant guide.

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